Younger Onset Dementia

bigstock-Confident-Mature-Woman-At-The--7560477People under the age of 65 that are diagnosed with dementia are often described as having ‘Young Onset Dementia’. Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can raise many questions and concerns. While the symptoms of dementia may be similar across the ages, the needs for people diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia are often more complex and may require different support from those over 65. Counselling, information and education can positively influence future outcomes and improve the quality of life for people with Young Onset Dementia and their carers/support people.

Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has a Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker who covers the Illawarra/Shoalhaven. The Key Worker can provide support/counselling before and after diagnosis, and help you to navigate the health and non-health systems. The Key Worker provides links/referrals to appropriate services and collaborates with various Health Departments, community organisations to provide education, information and support groups.

  • Contact the Key Worker: 8875 4694 or 1800 100 500.

Younger Onset Dementia Clinic

There is a specific clinic in Kiama which people diagnosed with younger onset dementia can attend for follow-up specialist services. Please contact the Key Worker for details: 8875 4694 or 1800 100 500.

Community Programs

Wellness Program (Alzheimer’s Australia NSW) 
A seven weeks program for people newly diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia and their carer/support person, runs for two hours once a week focusing on diet/nutrition, exercise of the mind and body, mindfulness/relaxation and emotional well-being.

  • Contact the Key Worker:  8875 4694 or 1800 100 500.

Living with Memory loss Program (Alzheimer’s Australia NSW)
A seven week program for people newly diagnosed with dementia and their carer/support person, runs for two hours once a week focusing on the challenges of receiving a diagnosis, grief and loss, communication and planning for the future.

  • Contact the Key Worker:  8875 4694 or 1800 100 500.

Support groups

People living with Younger Onset Dementia and their carer/support person meet regularly for a catch up over a cuppa while providing support to one another.
Fore more details on each of these groups contact:

  • Key Worker: 8875 4694 or 1800 100 500
  • Community Gateway: 4224 8626.

Dementia Alliance International is a registered, non-profit, international organisation for people with dementia. They seek to represent, support, and educate others living with the disease, and the wider dementia community.


Community Gateway provide in-home and community services: including a Gym Program, weekly day centre activity program and a carer support group program, contact: 4224 8626.

HammondCare at Horsley offer residential and residential respite services, as well as carer support programs.

Key Contacts

  • National Dementia Helpline:
    • 1800 100 500
  • Dementia Advisory Service:
    • Illawarra: 4296 6747
    • Shoalhaven: 4422 9583
  • Alzheimer’s Australia Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker: 8875 4694 or 1800 100 500
  • Community Gateway support groups and activities contact: 4224 8610

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